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Ture Tracking Steel Belts

Product Details

To ensure exact tracking and improve steel belt service life,the belts can be provided with Ture-tracking decices,either in the form of bonded rubber V-ropes on the back of belt or,if rubber can't be used,The timing driving method between risised pin on the pulley and the holes on the steel belt is available,such as in low and high temperature condition.The holes on the steel belt may be circular shaped or long waist-shaped.Thus the belt will run in synchronism with the pulley.

(1)V-rope Tracking

One piece of V-rope is offen bonded in the middle of narrow belt. Two piecs of V-ropes are bonded on the belt every edge area,thus the belt will run according to the V-rope tracking.

Section Drawings

Materials and propertis


(2)Timing Driving Tracking

The belt is manufactured with precision perforations in the edge area,and the circumference surface of the matched  pulley is equiped with circular pins which are evenly spaced.Thus they can meet together at the same time when machine is running.

 Hole Shape and Size


(3)Riveting Metal Chains

In some high-temperature and ultra-low temperature environments, the rubber V-rope may age and lose its use function, so its use for metal belt deviation correction will lose its function, while the metal chain is not limited by the ambient temperature. Therefore, the metal chain can be riveted on the back of the metal belt, and the corresponding matching metal sprocket can be added to the equipment to keep synchronous movement during operation, This can perfectly solve the problem of metal belt running deviation under high temperature or ultra-low temperature.