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Steel Belts Repairing

Steel belt is one of the important and expensive parts in a conveyor machine. During running, it is possible to go wrong, such as V-ropes droping off, crazing, deforming etc. These defects will lead that the machine can not run namally, even the products on the belt will be defective.As time passes, the belt life will be reduced. So if some trouble happens to the belts, it is the best choice to discontinue the belt. And contact Crostar after-sales service immediately.Crostar will ask the repairing enginees to reach the customer site at the first time. Then they will repairing the belts as quickly as possible.
Product Details

Crostar has a professional after-sales service team which has a full set of special tools.The list of tools and fixtures is as follows. Crostar can therefore provide a satisfying service to the customers in  shortest time. We can solve all kinds of technical problem of the steel belt,such as V-ropes dropping off,defforming and crazing of the belt.Some cases of belts repairing on site  are as follows.

Plate Patching            

 Edge Patcahing

Milddle Crack Repairing

 Circle Patching