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Timing & Indexing Steel Blets

Product Details

The special high-strength steel strips are selected as the base material of the metal belt, which has strong resistance to extension and fatigue. The metal belt is processed with high-precision perforations, with an accuracy of +/-0.01mm. The tolerance of hole spacing and cumulative tolerance of length are extremely strict. In addition, the metal belt is required not to generate elongation deformation after tensioning, because the hole needs to cooperate with the matched appropriate timing pulleys to make timing engaging movement,thus it can increase positional accuracy . So it can t realizes some precise motion functions ,such as timing,positioning and indexing, This type of belts don't generate particulates,require no lubrication,virtually non stretchable. It is often used in the automatic detection and assembly of various products, such as medicine, food, daily chemical, electronics, new energy, military and other fields.






Tensile Strength:1000~1700N/mm2

Edge Camber:<=2mm/10,000mm

Edge Status: Well-rounded

Hole Specification:Customed