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Drive Tapes Steel Blets

Product Details

Perforated metal belts foe driving tapes are are not endless. After the width and length direction are precisely cut, specialized end attachments are fixed at both ends of the metal belt, and then special holes are processed .,then fix the ficture on the metal belt,Finally, using bolts to connect the attachments at both ends of the metal belt as a whole. Thus can make the products on the metal belt move back and forth periodically. They can perform with zero or near zero backlash.

This mechanism can be used in automatic production such as printing, carriage positioning,reading and writing head positioning devices, robot arms, timing positioning,optical element drives and assembly, etc.


 Material:SUS301,SUS304, 17-7PH,15-7PH




Tensile Strength:1000~1700N/mm2

Edge Camber:<=2mm/10,000mm

Edge Status: Well-rounded