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Steel Belts Intallation

Because the steel belt is very wide, long and heavy, the endless steel belt equipment is very difficult. So it is very suitable to be installed before welding the joint on site. First the open belt is drawed through the machine frame by special tools. then the belt joint will be welded and heat treated on the machine. Crostar has a team with many professional technical engineers which can provide rapid installation services. Even can intall 4500 millimeters width of the steel belt.
Product Details

  In order to install the belt quickly on site,It is necessary that some special tools and fixtures are prepared in advance.Crostar's technical engineers will deliver these tools and fixtures to customer's workroom before installing.The list of tools and fixtures is as follows, Some cases of blet installing on site are as follows.

Open the packing 

 Draw the belt Through Machine

 Welding and Poshing the joint